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Last Up Date August 08,2007

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The Plan
To produce a podcast you require the knowledge of three distinct skills, audio recording, web hosting and of course a certain amount to of performance ability.

Some would say, to attempt it alone without any of the above skills would be a little crazy, but that is what I planed to do, and the podcasts are live recordings of how I went about the task of producing a podcast. These podcasts are for any one who is thinking of going it alone in the new exciting world of Podcasting.

Catch 22
How’s that possible, How are you able to broadcast, if you are not set up to broadcast, I hear you say. In steps my mate, who shall be referred to as “Friend In a Band”, who allowed me to record my progress using his recording facility in his home. Thus allowing me to produce and publish the earlier Podcasts whilst I was going through the set up stages.






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